APIs, fine chemicals and finished drug manufacturer.
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Our products have a good niche on Polish and international market and can compete with similar API's produced abroad, both thanks to good quality and reasonable price offered.

We specialize in cardiovascular drugs like lanatoside C, digoxin, digitoxigenin and ß-methyldigoxin.

Being innovative in introducing manufacturing technologies helped us achieve and maintain the highiest, pharmacopoeia quality of our products. This gave us the possibility to establish long-term cooperation with many both domestic and foreign partners. We are constantly open to new ideas and projects especially:

- customer designed synthesis,
- packing,
- formulating gels,
- liquid forms.

We guarantee high quality of our products and service, fulfilling the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and pharmacopoeia (EP, USP, BP and JP) standards. All of the active substances are manufactured according to methods self-developed by NOBILUS ENT.

Currently we offer the following products:

- 3-bromofuran
- β-escin crystalline
- β-escin amorphous
- Betamethyldigoxin
- Clopidogrel bisulphate form I
- CM-Dextran
- Clozapine
- Digitoxin
- Digitoxigenina
- Digoxin
- Dextranomers
- Escin Sodium Polysulphate
- Esculin
- Flutamide
- Lanotoside C
- Deslanoside
- Imatinib Mesylate form alpha
- Other Imatinib salts
- Iron Dextran 10% & 20%
- Olanzapine
CAS No: 22037-28-1
CAS No: 11072-93-8
CAS No: 6805-41-0
CAS No: 30685-43-9
CAS No: 135046-48-9
CAS No: 9044-05-7
CAS No: 5786-21-0
CAS No: 71-63-6
CAS No: 143-62-4
CAS No: 20830-75-5
CAS No: 56087-11-7
CAS No: 20977-05-3
CAS No: 531-75-9
CAS No: 13311-84-7
CAS No: 17575-22-3
CAS No: 17598-65-1
CAS No: 220127-57-1

CAS No: 9004-66-4
CAS No: 132539-06-1

All of the above products have a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and a DMF (Drug Master File).

Packaging depends on required quantity and customers demand.

For quotations and detailed information please contact our sales department in Jablonna at: jablonna@nobilusent.com

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